Orange Lyle and Scott Sailing Jacket
Orange Lyle and Scott Sailing Jacket
£120 – Mens Lyle and Scott Jacket

This Lyle & Scott jacket features a stand-out kind of orange colour that is accented by black buttons on the front side that run from the neck to the bottom of the jacket. The jacket has full-length sleeves and a hood which can be adjusted by black drawstrings. As usual the branding is subtle but unique to Lyle and Scott, who prefer substance and style over outlandish branding.

This hooded, brightly-coloured orange jacket is undoubtedly eye-catching and it is perfect for a day of sailing out on the water. It is just heavy enough to keep you warm in the breeze, but light enough that it does not make you uncomfortably hot. Two pockets on the lower front area provide some storage space for keys, a cell phone or any small item. The backside of the jacket is undecorated; however, the unique colour produces an appealing product.

Mens Jackets by Lyle and Scott – Orange Lyle and Scott Sailing Jacket

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