Mens 127 Nanny State Brown Quilted Jacket

Mens 127 Nanny State Brown Quilted Jacket

£55 – Mens Nanny State Jacket

Nanny State has captured a comfortable, casual look without sacrificing trendiness with the Quilted 127 jacket, an impressive piece of attire in chocolate brown or black with a quilt design stitched into the half-polyester, half-nylon fabric. An attractive faux-pocket sits on the left breast under the small Nanny State logo, adjacent to three oversized accent buttons overlaying the full front zip-up closure.

This heavy, winter-ready jacket has no hood but is nevertheless suited for keeping out any troublesome wind chill, with full front zip and high-rise collar. Understated hem and cuffs complement the otherwise bold design choices of the Quilted 127 jacket, which has two conveniently-located large pockets near the hem and an inside pocket stitched into the lining of the jacket.

Mens Jackets by Nanny State – Mens 127 Nanny State Brown Quilted Jacket

  • Sizes: Medium – Large – X Large
  • Price: £55
  • Brand: Nanny State
  • Garment: Mens Jacket
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
  • Cheap Nanny State Jackets
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